About Doggie Deodorant, a dry shampoo powder for dogs...

Doggie Deodorant was founded with traveling dog owners in mind.

Picture (or smell) this: you’re two days into your week-long trip road trip with your furry best friend. You’re so excited for all the events you still have planned like hiking that beautiful waterfall trail, taking pictures of all the blooming flowers, and don’t forget eating at that delicious diner! But as you’re daydreaming, your thoughts are interrupted by an awful odor. And sadly it seems to be coming from… your dog.

Never fear! Instead of having to put up with that stench for the rest of the trip, Doggie Deodorant will eliminate that odor in 2 minutes. You’ll still want to snuggle with him at night and pose with him for pictures at each stop.

Doggie Deodorant was made for dog owners on the go who need an easy way to keep up with their dog’s hygiene. It's fast acting, long lasting, and the convenient size of the bottle makes it the perfect packable size. Check out our lavender and scent-free options below!