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How to Give a Dog a Bath Without Water

Does your dog loathe bath time? Worse, does your dog have a deep set fear of water?

If putting your dog into a neck lock to keep them in the tub during a bath sounds familiar, then the answer is a definite (and unfortunate) yes. Luckily, there's an easy solution to your problem: waterless dry shampoo for dogs. 

Reasons to Consider Waterless Baths

There are many reasons to explore ways to clean your dog that do not require water. Not only is using an alternative safer for you and your dog physically, but mentally as well. 

Waterless baths can even serve as a temporary solution as your dog becomes more used to water.

You Always Wrestle

The worst feeling is fighting your dog to get under the water, or even to coax them into the bathroom. Trust me, I know that wrestling a 70lb dog is painful. I have had my fair share of scratches to prove so.

Luckily I have never been seriously hurt, but wrestling could definitely lead to a serious injury for you or your dog. If you're in a bathroom the slippery floor and confined space make the possibility even worse.  

If your dog gets overwhelmed enough, they may even fight back in self defense. Water presents a threat and they will do whatever they see necessary to stop their paws from touching it.

It's natural instinct: fight to get away from something that is seen as dangerous. 

You Have a Large Breed

I don't care how strong you are: if you own a big breed and they put up even a small struggle when you try to get them in the water, you're probably going to lose.

If you have a 3lb teacup chihuahua you could always put a muzzle on them and hold them with one arm in a sink (although this still isn't recommended because you'll stress them out).

On the other hand, a 175lb Great Dane is surely going to be the champion. If they don't want a bath, they aren't getting a bath. 

You Physically Struggle to Give Them a Bath

If you physically are not able to give your dog a bath, don't feel defeated! That's where waterless solutions come to the rescue. 

Physical ability could be due to age. If you have a bad back, stooping over a dog to wash them for 15 minutes may not leave the best feeling.

It could also be due to temporary injuries. If you have a broken arm, there's no way you can single handedly wash your pet. Even if they are statue-still, it will be a struggle.

It can even come down to strength. Not everyone can hold a 50lb dog still enough to give them a bath. Like mentioned above, using water could lead to serious injuries if your dog fights hard enough, so always make sure you are assessing the situation and their stress level.

Your Dog Gets Stressed

As an owner, seeing your dog unhappy is one of the worst feelings you can have. And considering that the majority of dogs are unhappy during bath time, this is a feeling many of us face. 

If there is a solution that still cleans your dog but doesn't make them stressed, wouldn't you want to use it? Of course you would!

A stressed out dog can lead to unpredictable behavior. Stress and fear can cause a dog to lash out as a way to protect themselves.

They don't mean to injury you, they are just afraid and don't know how else to get away from what is scaring them.

Stress also leads to long term mental problems AND further worsen their fear of water. By switching to a dry shampoo option, you have the ability to slowly reintroduce your pet to water while still maintaining their coat health. 

Waterless Bath Options

There are several different dry shampoo options that effectively clean your dog WITHOUT water. 

Shampoo Powder

Dry shampoo powder is a truly waterless way to give your dog's coat that extra care that it needs without taking too much time.

The application is very simple: you sprinkle it on their fur and gently brush it through so that all areas are covered. Let it sit for a couple minutes, then brush it all the way in until you don't see anymore powder.

Voila! You're done. 

When selecting a dry shampoo, make sure that the ingredients are safe for your dog. Doggie Deodorant only uses ingredients that are safe for your dog to possibly lick.

Dogs do, after all, try to groom themselves so it is important that the products on their coat are pet-friendly.

Shampoo Foam

Rinseless shampoo foam is another great alternative to using water and traditional shampoo. Like shampoo powder, you just rub it into their coat.

The one drawback is that foam makes their fur damp before it dries. Make sure your dog doesn't immediately go outside and start rolling in grass.

That will leave you with a bigger problem and you'll end up having to give them an actual bath. Many shampoo foams suggest towel drying your dog to speed up the absorption.

Dry shampoo for dogs is the perfect solution to stressful baths. It efficiently cleans your dog without the need to hold your dog hostage in a bath. 

After all, our motto at Doggie Deodorant is No Water = No Stress!

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