About Us - The Start of Doggie Deodorant

Founder Gabriella Aulisio with her dogs


Best in the Dry Shampoo Business

Doggie Deodorant was founded with traveling dog owners in mind.

Founder Gabriella Aulisio worked as a dog bather during the summer of 2021. She bathed more dogs than she can count, and saw every type of size and hair type known to the canine species. She also saw (and smelled) a lot of coat maintenance problems. Almost every dog came in with a noticeable odor. Over time, she wondered why owners had to wait until their dog got a bath for them to smell good. Can't there be a way to quickly eliminate that stench?

So she posed the critical question: "Why can't dog hygiene be more accessible for owners who may not have the time, patience, or ability to give their dog a bath with water?"

We know that bathing your dog can be very hard and take a lot of time. If you're traveling, you may not even have access to a bath to clean your dog.

Enter Doggie Deodorant.

Now, whenever your dog's coat starts to look a little oily or has a noticeable smell, you can sprinkle an all natural, simple ingredient deodorant onto their fur and boom: your furry friend can once again snuggle with you on your favorite blanket. Gone are the days of longing for your dog's grooming appointment when the trip is over, of not petting your dog to avoid getting their smelly odor on your hand, or friends you visit wrinkling their nose at the noticeable smell of, well, your dog. 

You already have enough to worry about when you travel, which is why the ingredients are formulated to do the work for you!